​​DT&T Nursing Assistant Training School

CNA Training School in Burien, WA

Our Instructors

All DT&T NA Training School teachers are  Registered Nurses licensed and approved to teach by the state.

All instructors also have more than 10 years of experience supervising and teaching Nursing Assistants. We are also approved by American Heart Association to teach BLS CPR and First Aide

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DT&T NA Training School provides one-on-one skill tutoring. We also offer homework assistant

DT&T NA Training School

148 SW 153rd ST Suite 201

Burein, WA 98166

Our Phone Number: (206) 387 5858

Please, compete the fields below including your preferred phone number if you want to register for a class or have a question and press the Submit button below then we will responds to your inquire within 48 hours. If we don't, feel free to call us at (206) 387 5858.

Entrance exam is given at the school for those who don't have High School Diploma or GED from the USA. Please, call (206) 387 5858 to schedule time to take the exam before the classes start . If you do have those, please bring copy of your Certificate, Diploma, degree or college credit transcripts.

We require:

  1. State ID or Driver's License
  2. Tuberculosis (TB) test or Chest X-Ray result less than a year old, showing that you don't have active tuberculosis (You can get this after the class starts)
  3. Social Security Number for background check (we do this for free)
  4. At least  $50 during registration at the school. Cash, Money Order or personal check payable to DT&T NA Training School
  5. Scrubs and gait belts during clinical phase ( we sell them for cheaper price)